Staying as if living
About Sounkaku
Since 1923 Sounkaku has carried on the concept introduced by its founder, Hatsuichi Arai, and continues to pass on its traditions and spirit of hospitality, which is expressed in the peaceful atmosphere and open ambience of the guest rooms.
The hotel offers a gracious reception and rooms that afford beautiful views of the Sounkyo Valley throughout the seasons. Our 166 rooms located on the 3rd to 10th floors (accommodating 500 people) provide spacious lodging for single guests as well as groups.
We pride ourselves on respecting the privacy of our guests and offering valuable services.
Sounkyo Valley, encircled by Daisetsuzan National Park
Sounkaku looks out onto a dynamic view of Sounkyo Valley, which is encircled by Daisetsuzan National Park.
In summer, guests will appreciate flower gardens filled with alpine flora, and in fall, take pleasure in the exquisite beauty of the mountains painted in autumn colors.
In the winter, visitors can enjoy the popular Ice Waterfall Festival.
The expansive 10,000sq.m. area thereof includes ice pillars, ice tunnels, and ice domes.
Open kitchen filled with LIVE feeling. Menu renewed as buffet style.
Centering “local production for local consumption” with materials from all over Hokkaido and local speciality materials of Kamikawa town, we provide seasonal cuisine.
Various inspirations of chefs make up each dish politely one by one with skills, ideas and hospitality minds.
Dinner Buffet
Opening hours: dinner buffet 18:00 – 21:00
Location: 1F buffet restaurant
Seats: 188
Menu with wide variety as Japanese, Western, Chinese, fruits of the mountains and seas and so on.
Dinner is grilled snow crab, roasted pork, sushi, tempura, teppanyaki beef, etc…
Various dishes cooked by skillful chefs are provided at the open kitchen.
Breakfast Buffet
Opening hours: breakfast buffet 7:00 – 9:00
Location: 1F buffet restaurant
Seats: 188
We prepare various kinds of breakfast such as a self-serve seafood rice bowl, an omelette cooked on demand, or a fluffy Japanese omelette whose recipe is succeeded by our successive chefs.
Start your day with delicious breakfast♪
Canyon hot spring that you can soak in, with atmospheres of the four seasons.
Top of Sounkyo in both amount and quality.
As the hot spring is transparent, tasteless and odorless and is gentle to the body, it is also suitable for people with weak skin, the elderly and infants.
The attraction of our proud open-air bath on the 5th floor is good scenery after all. You can enjoy the dynamic canyons of Sounkyo to your heart’s content.
Also, the indoor bath “Houseki-no-yu” is attached to the open-air bath.
Canyon Open-air Bath
Opening hours:
Canyon open-air bath
13:00 – 0:00, 5:00 – 10:00
*Special cleaning day: 15:00 –
You can see endless deep green in summer, colorful autumn leaves in autumn and pure white snowscape in winter.
In particular, snow is lit up in winter nights so you can feel impressed.
It’s also exceptional to soak in the bath with your cheek stroked by north wind unique to the coldest land.
Marumo Large Public Bath

Opening hours 1F Marumo large public bath 15:00 – next 8:30
Sauna 15:00 – 0:00, 5:30 – 8:30

*Opening hours may change depending on the date.

Making yourself comfortable in the spacious bathtub, please enjoy our proud quality hot spring.
The hot spring is transparent, tasteless and odorless, less stimulating to the skin, gentle to the body.
Day Trip Bath
Hours of day trip bath 13:00 – 20:00
Adult 700 yen
Children 500 yen

We also welcome day trip baths.
Please come to heal your tired bodies from summer climbing, autumn leaves watching, skiing and so on with the fine water of natural hot spring.

*Opening hours may change depending on the date.
*It may be unavailable due to occasional intensive cleaning. Please confirm on the day before use.
*Towels and bath towels are charged.

Experience the best scenery and relaxation
Our 166 rooms located on the 3rd to 10th floors (accommodating 500 people) provide comfortable staying for single guests as well as groups.
All 166 rooms are equipped with air purifiers and washlets.
We value efficient service and private time for our customers.
Room Information
Check in
Check out
Audiovisual impairment
Assistance dogs for the disabled are allowed
Foreign language
Foreign language support available (English)
All rooms are equipped with hair dryers, face towels, bath towels, shampoo, hair conditioner, body soap, washlets, air conditioners (fixed temperature), air purifiers.
You can take toothbrushes etc. for free from the amenity bin on the 1st floor.
Free Wi-Fi connecting service is available in all rooms and at the robby on the 1st floor.
Buffet restaurant 1F
Front desk 1F
Opening hours: 15:00 – 22:00
Marumo Large Public Bath 1F
Baby care room 1F
Smoking room 1F
Restaurant “Ezomatsu” 2F
Restaurant “Kaede” 4F
Banquet hall “Ezotsutusji” 4F
Canyon Open-air Bath 5F
Indoor bath “Houseki-no-yu” 5F
Internet (Wi-Fi) connecting service in the hotel
Available in rooms and at the robby on the 1st floor.
Haneda Airport
required time about 95 min.
Airline companies ANA, AIRDO, JAL
Asahikawa Airport
required time about 90 min.
car, taxi, rental car
Each airport
New Chitose Airport
required time about 200 min.
car, taxi, rental car
Asahikawa Station
Sapporo Station
Limited express about 50 min.
Local train about 70 min.
Limited express about 140 min.
Limited express / local train about 160 min.
Kamikawa Station
required time about 35 min.
Get off at JR Sekihoku Line Kamikawa Station, take a bus for Sounkyo hot springs
Bus about 60 min.
Bus about 110 min.
Bus about 35 min.
expressway about 100 min.
Do-o Expway
expressway about 20 min.
Asahikawa-Monbetsu Expway
Kamikawa Sounkyo
Car about 95 min.
Car about 210 min.
*Use Route 39 to Asahikawa, Abashiri and Kitami
Shuttle Bus Information
By appointment only for relief
Please make a reservation by phone.
Anyone who stays at our hotel can take it.
Please confirm beforehand.
*Reservation required up to 3 days in advance.
(However, you may not be able to take it in case of full to capacity etc.)
*Note that it doesn’t go via the zoo.
*A small vehicle may be used depending the number of people.
*Be careful not to be late as it will set off on time.

TEL 01658-5-3111